Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Fisherman in your Lfe

Merry ChristmasDo you have a special fisherman in your life you are shopping for?

Don’t know what to get them for the holidays?

Well, we have a few suggestions that will peak their interest.





• LifeProof Life Jacket Waterproof iPhone Case

LifeProof Life Jacket Waterproof iPhone CaseSometimes Water and Electronics don’t mix very well; this can be especially true

for that special fisherman in your life. This iPhone Jacket enables your fisherman to

find their phone when it is dropped in the water.

$40 at




• Morankniv Comfort Fillet Knife                                                                                                Morankniv Comfort Fillet Knife

After your fisherman catches that wonderful catch; they may want to celebrate by

cooking that fish up for dinner. This knife helps them do just that, while not 

expensive, this has a wonderful grip along with the flexibility and sharpness

needed to fillet that catch.

$25 at



• Simms ExStream Jacket                                                                                                          Simms ExStream Jacket

With the latest Temperatures reaching 20’s and 30’s, it’s always nice to know that

special fisherman is protected from the cold elements while doing their favorite

pastime of fishing.  It will definitely keep them nice and toasty while fishing

$250 at




• Primus Flip N’ Drip Coffee Maker                                                                                            Primus Flip N’ Drip Coffee Maker

Your Fisherman will be nice and awake for that big catch after a nice brewed cup of

coffee from this bad boy.  The coffee will still be hot after your fisherman arrives at

their favorite fishing hole.

$37 at




• Rapala’s Digital Fish Gripper                                                                                                  Rapala’s Digital Fish Gripper

How is your fisherman going to know they catch that awesome fish if they don’t

know how much it weighs? This Scale is made from high-end steel to withstand

fresh and salty water and is battery ran so no need to plug it in.

$55 at




• Gerber Flik Fish Multi-Tool                                                                                                     Gerber Flik Fish Multi-Tool

Your Fisherman will love you forever with this little multi-tool that allows them

to perform many tasks that they need for fishing. This tool packs a punch with

long-nose pliers, flip-out scissors, cutting tools, and much more.

$65 at




 • Jar-Bait Carrier                                                                                                                       

Jar-Bait Carrier

Make your fisherman’s life a little easier with this handy little case which allows

them to keep their bait on hand and easily transported from fishing hole to fishing

hole.  This  model (1170) can hold 10 jars and another model(1490) handles 16 jars.

$14.99/ $19.99 at




• Coleman LED Quad Lantern                                                                                                   Coleman LED Quad Lantern

Don’t let your Fisherman stumble around their boat or campsite without these.

This Lantern has not just one light but 4 which help on night fishing or just trying

to find the bushes.

$ 49 at




• Photo Phone Case                                                                                                                  Photo Phone Case

Let your fisherman be delighted with fishing memories every time they

see their phone with this phone case. You can choose a blank case and

upload a photo or give a gift certificate so they can upload their favorite picture.

$ 35 at




• Arm Anchor                                                                                                                            Arm Anchor

Never miss another fish! Let your fisherman relax with this awesome little device.

It adds power and leverage to your fishing pole.  Reduces fatigue and strengthens

your grip.  It attach’s  8” from reel; instructions  and screws, included. 

It makes it easier for them to catch the big ones!

$20.99 at



Do you have a particular item that you want Santa to bring this year but it’s not on this list?

Why not let Santa know by writing it in the Comment Box below.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Fishing!