About Trent

Trent has been fishing since he was knee high to a grasshopper.  As a teenager he fished many tournaments and even won cash in a few.

He has always had an inquisitive mind; taking things apart and putting them back together just to see how they work. Being mechanically inclined is one of his “natural God given gifts”.

The day after his sixth birthday he completely disassembled his new bicycle on the garage floor. His exact words, “Don’t worry Ma, I’ll put it back together.”  And he did, perfectly!

As the years went by his experiments grew more complex:  toasters, alarm clocks, car doors, electric windows, arm rest, power locks, just to name a few.

By his teenage years he began to build engines, motorcycles, street bikes, dirt bikes, vintage trucks, Jeeps, four-wheeler’s, and even built a semi tractor trailer from the ground up including the engine.  Last year he raced a dragster and soon after bought one! After that a dune buggy.

In Trent’s spare time he builds “yard art” by welding metals parts & old tools together.

He continues to work on uni-loaders, tractors, back-hoes, scarab and pontoons and boat lifts.  Any type of engine malfunction or mechanical issue is a tinker toy for him.  He will always, figure it out.

Trent is also a plumber and excavator.  He builds paver patios, remodels homes and room additions.  

Trent is a perfectionist with a tremendous amount of skill, he’s simply a mechanical genius.  More importantly he is honest, hard working, trustworthy, his word is his bond with a “salt of the earth,” personality!

Several years ago, Trent was fishing in a tournament and missed a few  “BIG ONES!”  Of course he took that on as a new challenge. He thought, “what can I do to minimize the chance of missing a fish?”

He realized it was all about leverage and catching the rod in the middle of your forearm; by adding a short extension on the side of the rod, this would catch the arm and ad leverage to set & hook, the fish!

So he began working on his new concept, ARM ANCHOR .

*  It takes the strain off your wrist while fishing in all day tournaments or casting heavier bait.

*  It allows for an easy set & hook.

*  It works for right or left handed fishing.

*  It’s good for women, children, seniors and disabled, by adding a Velcro strap or soft wrap around the wrist.

That’s Trent… always thinking of ways to make things work better and more efficient.

Please let him know what you think about his invention Arm Anchor 

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He would appreciate your feedback and comments.

Happy fishing!

Leslie O’Neill



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