Bass Fishing on a Budget

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Fishing on a budget can be hard if you don’t know how to shop for the supplies wisely.  I  will tell you how to get some of the basic fishing equipment that is needed for bass fishing, all roughly around 100 dollars.

Basic Fishing Rod

You can get a basic rod/reel combo from your local retail store for about 30 to 40 dollars. As cheap as that sounds, when you’re on a budget; you get what you can afford. Sometimes an inexpensive rod/reel combo can be just as good as a 100 dollar combo but only if you shop smart.


As far as lures, you only a few good ones that can be purchase at your local retail store or fishing store.  You only need the basic assortment that that would only total about 20 to 30 dollars.  The lures you need:

Spinnerbaits are the most productive lure in your arsenal of lures.  Spinnerbaits may run from 2 to 4 dollars and come in various colors.

Worms– Plastic Worms are another great lure in your arsenal and only for 2 to 4 dollars and like the spinnerbaits can come in a various colors such as grape and black.

Crankbaits – this lure can come in a variety of colors and shapes which can intimidate beginner anglers.  Just stick to colors that mimic river herrings such as purple/silver, green, white and green.

Topwaters- just get a few in naturals colors like green or gray and buy a few of these in different sizes.

Jigs – are great for bass in heavy cover. A Jig imitates a crawfish so the colors that should be used are natural colors such as brown, white, and black/blue.


Hooks, Sinkers, swivels and line are considered tackle.

Hooks– it is always a good idea to have a assortment of hooks in a variety of sizes ranging from #2 to 4/0 sproat.

Sinkers come in all sorts of styles and sizes such as Sliding Bullet weights. it is a good

idea to buy a pack of 1/8 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce weight along with a pack of Sliding bullet weights. Sliding Bullet weights are used in Texas and Carolina rigs

Swivels are used in a Carolina rig. Buy a pack of swivels and they will last for a while.

Line is used to connect your hook, sinkers and bait together to your fishing pole so it is important

to have a good line; a good size of line used to catch good sized fish is 8 pound mono. But if you are fishing in heavy cover, try 12 pound test.

Tackle box

All this stuff needs a place to be stored in a good tackle box. A small tackle is the suggested size that is recommended. They run about 3 to 10 dollars at the local retail store.

Have fun Fishing.

Information provided by Christian Erickson

Bass Fishing Needs a Support Group

A little fishing humor by Robert Crawford

Most people think that fishing is fishing. You buy a fishing rod, put some line on it, you buy some bait, and then you cast it in the water and pull in a fish. Let me tell you my friends, this is not true fishing. Anyone who is a true fisherman (or fisherwoman) can confirm this. And of all the fisherman out there, the ones that fish for bass can really attest to the addiction.

Once you become a bass fisherman, there is almost no help for you. You open your tackle box and you have your wife’s make-up color palette beat hands down. What other man could keep a serious face talking about chartreuse? Not to mention the pet names that float across the water when he has hooked a “nice ‘un”. If the wifey was around and heard that all the names he used to call her were now reserved for a set of fins and gills, forget the couch, he is about to see much more of his bass boat because that’s his new bed.

Aside from the emotional strain it may put one in off the water, nothing trumps the addiction’s monetary side effects. As much as women get the blame for spending a lot of money on “needless things”, one has not seen the true offender until they have been involved with a bass addict. What woman needs 15-25 different colors of the same shoe? Translate that into bass lures, and a grown man will dream of the newest color that has hit the sporting good shelves. So what if he already has 17 of the same lure in different shades, and multiples of each?!

If any of you have been affected, or know someone who has, please lend them a shoulder. Make sure your wallet or purse is in eyeshot while you are there, the culprit may need some new fishing hooks.


tackle box